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With branded story content becoming the most effective way to touch the hearts of your most profitable buyers, strategy+design for media in your integrated UX and outreach campaigns is more important than ever. With any mix of these nine synergistic offerings, your company’s growth can be solid and rewarding. Philip Brautigam works with you and your team to bring forth the many points of remarkability that your company will use to grow your message in the hearts of your buyers.

Working with intuitive, creative talent offers salient and valuable insights into the clear solutions for your current marketing and sales challenges. I help you to use the lenses of innovation and proven design processes by deep listening to all aspects of your brand-scape and plan out your differentiated Presence.

Resonant brand/energy communication strategies can saturate your clearly defined buyer with the heart-felt presence of your offering. Together, we guide the creation of each and every aspect of your buyers’ experience throughout their journey.

Every stakeholder and partner in the total experience of your brand can be positively touched to reinforce the culture and value of your total market Presence. Together, as we design solutions for all of these touchpoints, your brand will deepen its memorability and appreciation.

The love you share is the love you get back. By consciously surrounding your buyers and partners with empathic experience, the touchstone elements specified in the previous development phases can be enriched and enhanced. We identify and design everything needed to build even more value into your offering and its delivery.

As the modern, smart buyer increases their abhorrence of interruption marketing and mass market mediocrity, your company must craft content that informs, entertains and enlightens. We design your integrated branding and story telling to work together in all of your content to actuate the attractive resonance that gets your qualified buyers to take action.

Stock imagery is not enough to define and realize the unique selling propositions of your company. From studio illustrative, product and conceptual photography to company location crafted symbolic-tableaus to iconic portraiture, we make photography for media marketing so you will truly stand out.

Whether run and gun or the production of a live multi-cam webshow, your content pipeline can be filled with custom rich-media. Including audio for podcasts, studio or location shoots, documentary style videos or how-to educational video content, with full post-production support, our business growth studios have your company covered. We can even help you setup your own media studios.

Should you need social, web, print, mobile, architectural or event marketing systems for your campaigns, we deliver integrated design, flow and journey media that is fully brand-aligned cohesive and compelling. With so many new platforms and targeted marketing opportunities, having an arsenal of branded marketing media content will serve your bottom line for many years to come.

Your sales people are your front-line talents to accelerate company growth. By providing them with integrated, best-practice sales systems and training, you can increase the productivity and speed up the learning curve for everyone involved. With your granular issues and our decades of experience in the design-build of multi-media sales systems we are here to get the job done.