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chautauqua center [spiritual center] columbia mo

newsletter logo development
portrait photography
“the voice of the drum” 12 page newsletter design

color computer news [national magazine] muskegon mi

magazine cover photography

echo beach books [vanity press] north muskegon mi

“dale’s imaginative stories” book design

forum 68 [national magazine] muskegon mi

magazine cover photography

lakeshore times [newspaper] north muskegon mi

photographic article creation
rollathon coverage photography
illustrative photography
thematic cover artwork development

pensions & investment age [national magazine] new york ny

magazine cover conceptual photography

tambolia [game] seattle wa

poster development

wblv-fm [npr radio station] twin lake mi

“listener” monthly magazine cover photography

west michigan plowshare [freeze/peace newspaper] muskegon mi

publication brand development
illustrative photography
portrait photography
plowshare newspaper design