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artists, poets & authors

1840 hubbard studios [artist cooperative] chicago il

illustrative photography
exhibition promotional card

19th draft [poetry group] auburn wa

“woodfrogs in chaos” book cover

adel mohammed ali mosly [author] richland british columbia canada

“a love story for pamela” book cover design
“a love story for pamela” book creation

barbara badoloti [poet] muskegon mi

“the essence” poetry book design

barbara ried [author] seattle wa

practice brand development
practice promotional brochure creation
“lifeways journal” newsletter production

brittany thompson [model] bothell wa

senior portrait photography
portfolio photography
model composite design

carol minchin [fashion designer] chicago il

fashion photography
works published in the chicago sun times

cat saunders phd [author] seattle wa

“heartwings” foundation brand development
portrait photography
illustrative photography
“dr cat’s helping handbook” book cover creation
“dr cat’s helping handbook” book page design

danika dinsmore [poet] seattle wa

“traffic” book cover design

e) all of the above [poetry therapy of vicky edmonds] seattle wa

business marketing consultation
practice brand development
portrait photography
illustrative photography
marketing tool development
workshop promotion flyer design
“used to the dark” book design
“once drunk/opening” book design
“unpredictable as breathing” book design
“writes of passage 1” book design
“writes of passage 2” book design
website solution development

elizabeth riegel [fashion designer] chicago il

fashion photography

emerald moon [jewelry art] columbia mo

product photography
advertisement in new age journal

gregg braden [author] santa fe nm

portrait photography

laura lentz [teacher author] kilauea hi

publishing of web literary magazine
web development of
publishing of STORYquest WORKbook
video production
artist portrait photography

lucas verver “trap jesus” [musician] seattle wa

artist portrait photography

nora gessner [artist] dayton oh

artist brand development
artist web page design

paperplay [artist alis brown] seattle wa

artist brand development
product hang tag creation
art promotional marketing tool design

paul nelson [poet] auburn wa

portrait photography

peter ross [flute craftsman] seattle wa

brand development
illustrative photography
promotional postcard design

rick stevens [fine art painter] sparta mi

internet strategy consultation
artist brand development
artist business card design
artist marketing & portfolio website creation

sharon kilfoyle [fabric artist] columbia mo & japan

personal brand development

sophia segal [artist/model] seattle wa

personal brand development
marketing website creation

stuart marks [recording artist] chicago il

fashion photography
illustrative photography
portrait photography
“blue and the face” brand development
“blue and the face” cassette packaging
hand model fashion photography
hand model model composite design

studio sew sew [fashion design] chicago il

fashion show photography