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explore the artistic periods of polymath

Philip Brautigam


making interesting ideas into reality

the following is a chronological presentation of one artist’s creative processes and inner motivations while living an experimental life through heart-felt knowingness

INCARNATIONAL INDOCTRINATIONS muskegon mi, albuquerque, spring lake mi, bloomfield hills mi june1958 ••• june1977

born to build a better way

In a world that offers enormous room for improvement, the true innovations emerge through the precise scanning of the engines of indoctrination of a societal system designed to destroy real heart-felt creativity and reward absurdly numbing obedience. So flows Philip Brautigam.

For these first 19 years, Philip went along with the railroading of programs and beliefs, all the while feeling the inner-thrumming that something (or everything) was terribly wrong.

At the age of 13, in the mid-western backwater of Spring Lake MI, Philip discovered photography as a creative tool that was able to deeply explore the unspoken language of awareness. A portal that drives poetic insights into the architecture of thought and consciousness itself.

The ideation to physical artwork process of photography gave enormous room for careful craftsmanship and the realization of high levels of quality, all through the concentrated efforts of one individual.

Absorbing the axioms and skills of architecture, woodworking, aircraft construction, math, science, ancient Egyptian symbology, high-concept art, philosophy, eastern mysticism, multi-dimensional psychology and the many different pathways that fully bring effective ideas into this reality. Philip self-trained to be the like professor on the 1960’s television show, Gilligan’s Island. To be ready to serve with innovation, in almost situation.

At the end of this cycle, the “pleasing others” construct tracked him into honoring his father’s interests and Philip began aiming at the engineering profession.

REALM PIVOT bloomfield hills mi, houghton mi, muskegon mi, chicago june1977 ••• june1979

diving up into the heart-driven, creative, experimental realms

Creative expression and identity began budding around the founding of Bloomfield Hills Andover High School’s WBFH-FM and working as technical director for many stage presentations. These innovations served as a joyful buffer from the tribal-hierarchical trash-jostling of junior/senior years.

Philip Brautigam was also one of the rare students to finish his independent study project in architecture. He chose a building site and designed an elaborate mansion with many dramatic features.

The paternal expectancy-track trebucheted Philip into the Michigan Tech Electrical Engineering program in Houghton MI. There, he landed DJ positions at both the university’s NPR station WGGL-FM and Diamond Mike’s, spinning disco dance music from his own special record collection.

Around May 1979, Philip experienced an internship at the conveyor manufacturer Jervis B. Webb, outlining circuits on a drafting board. Working with and under people that demanded obedience to their whims rather than creating quality and excellence began a deep-inner-meltdown of all his reality programming that no longer served his greater creative mission.

Shedding all the paternal aspirationals, he moved to Chicago and enrolled in the filmmaking program at Columbia College. There, he found that instead of making transformational art, working with others involved settling for much lower quality standards and ego-game swirling.

This experience proved to be even more emotionally painful than the corporate slave-cubicles of Jervis B. Webb.

ALANA chicago june1979 ••• february1982

the first inner reconstruction begins while making art orbiting the club scene

Philip Brautigam engaged a position at Leo Block Art for Advertising running their stat camera and darkroom. It was here that the artist first combined his dynamic photography with the magic of graphic design.

The spiritual/emotional deprogramming work had just gotten started. The first step was to extract all binding subconscious structures and rebuild his entire life into something free and passionate. As with most in their early 20s, the emotional starting places were well-meaning, angst-filled and a bit clumsy.

Philip’s work mainly focused on the impacts of the beauty and fashion orbiting Chicago’s intense early 80s club scene. Much of his work was with underground boutiques like Rocket 69 on Clark St. and featured in ads in the tabloid-sized Boraxx.

By freelancing, he could promise, design and deliver the level of appreciation, artistry and quality that could not be guaranteed in a team setting.

The ALANA period ended when he let his Mamiya RB67 camera system get stolen during a fashion show/dance party.

PROGRESSIVE MEDIA muskegon mi february1982 ••• july1983

rebooting back at the lake, the artist reconstructs new life viewpoints

Back in the fold of familial assumptive programming, Philip Brautigam made art with an 8”x10” Burke & James view camera. By equating image quality with metaphysical precision, he was able to start drafting models of the architecture of his own consciousness and testing concepts as they emerged from direct experience.

Many conceptual 8”x10” transparency magazine covers were commissioned by a local publisher spotlighting the new breakthroughs in personal computing.

By connecting with playful artists and models in the nearby city of Grand Rapids MI, he was able to continue to deepen his creative explorations into the cultural relevance of the 80s music and club scene.

The call of Chicago captured them all and Philip returned to the windy city with more yearning to explore and understand the loud emotional collisions between his inner and outer realities.

EYEMUSIC STUDIOS chicago july1983 ••• june1985

urban elevated creative media engagement and reality experimentation

Landing in a loft at North Ave and Sheffield, Philip Brautigam could now pursue new frontiers in commercial photography and metaphysical development. He re-engaged his previous clientele and deepened artistic explorations with new ventures from the dynamic punk and new wave clubs, boutiques and fashion designers of the era.

Working with exquisite artists like Gregory Waits and Stuart Marks of the band Blue and the Face, Philip created films, performance poetry works, fashion experimentation and striking fine art photography.

This elevated creative engagement allowed him to dive much deeper into the emotional work needed to heart-link his visual art productions with the inner energies of meaningful symbolics.

After many experimentations and relationships, his conceptual creative sources dried up and the bleak cruelty of the concrete urban landscape became all too pointless.

PERFORMANCE NOMADIC seattle, chicago, muskegon, ashland or, san francisco, santa fe june1985 ••• april1987

spiritual explorations and discoveries that would reframe the rest of this incarnation

In a nutshell Philip Brautigam:

  1. Hitchhiked from Chicago to Seattle
  2. One-man performance poetry in Seattle clubs & events
  3. Night of the Unknown performance partnership with Brooke Lizotte and Lisa Lipkin
  4. Published The Glue of Paradox poetry/art book
  5. Door to door sales of poster frames for the Paramount Theatre
  6. Moved back to Chicago
  7. One-man performance poetry in Chicago clubs & events
  8. Sales & support at the FLAX art supply
  9. Drove 1963 Buick LaSabre (bought for $1) from Chicago to Ashland OR
  10. Worked as a fine cabinet maker Soda Mountain Workshop in Ashland OR while living in a haunted whorehouse
  11. Traveled to San Francisco to collaborate with Gregory Waits on writing Nefertiti & Akhenaten At the Toenail’s Top performance art piece
  12. Drove the LaSabre back to Muskegon to help relocate his parent’s house back from a rising Lake Michigan
  13. Produced and directed his sister Christine’s wedding
  14. Performed Nefertiti & Akhenaten At the Toenail’s Top at the Center for Contemporary Arts — Santa Fe with Gregory Waits & Kenneth Lee Wells
BRAUTIGAM PHOTOGRAPHY muskegon mi april1987 ••• december1989

building photographic art into a commercial business

At this Saturn Return point, Philip Brautigam shifted his life-focus away from the disruptive spiritual/emotional growth practices that drove his reality transformations and opened a commercial photography studio.

This small town, with some familiar faces and connections, provided a solid laboratory to start delivering heart-felt value to the small and medium-sized business of the area.

Developing a vendor partnership with the local NPR station for the covers of their monthly program, the Listener, Philip’s art reached the eyes of the entire region.

By the latter half of 1989, it became clear that he had reached the conceptual limits of his birth-market, he pulled up stakes, never to return.

BRAUTIGAM PHOTOGRAPHY columbia mo december1989 ••• december1990

an inspirational time in an enlightening town

Philip Brautigam opened his next commercial photography studio in this bustling college town in the middle of the continent. With new models and businesses to work with, he got right to work.

After 10 months, he got the inner call from Seattle, saying “Move Here.” He loaded up his van with his entire studio and drove through the winter storms to the Emerald City.

VISUAL MASTER seattle december1990 ••• march1995

now delivering fine photography and beautiful marketing design

Philip Brautigam’s arrival in Seattle was timed perfectly with the advent of the productive capabilities of the Apple Macintosh computer. His friend Lori Campbell worked for Aldus Software and kindly lent him time on her fully loaded Mac IIci. There, he converted all his practical graphics experience into the workings and operations of PageMaker and FreeHand.

After years of hiring typographers and stat houses for all his pre-press work, he could now offer full package solo marketing design and photography to his clients.

By combining his enthusiastic spiritual growth process with his business/marketing talents, he was able to offer support to many of the emerging stars in the artistic and new age communities of vibrant Seattle.

A contract with Microsoft sent him to their European Operations Centre in Sandyford, Ireland for six weeks to head up the art management and production of 5 localized versions of Exposition, a CD that featured all of Microsoft’s products (just before the advent of the Internet).

BRAUTIGAM DESIGN seattle march1995 ••• april1999

expanding into web design and blending art and psychological healing of female body image

With the new opportunity of the world wide web, Philip Brautigam used the O’Reilly HTML book with the koala on the cover to teach himself step by step how to turn his print design works into effective marketing web design experiences for his growing client base.

A contract with created many remarkable solutions for this software giant.

In the Mirror was a cutting-edge creative project produced in partnership with poet Vicky Edmonds. Groups of women wrote poetry for 12 weeks about the multiple aspects of their body image. Included were 2 studio figure photography sessions that created fine art honoring-imagery to use as triggers of buried trauma to then be bathed in appreciation to write powerful poetry in the safety of the workshop setting.

BRAUTIGAM DESIGN bothell wa april1999 ••• june2005

long-term care insurance product marketing tools for multiple channels

As senior creative designer for the insurance brokerage, Larson Long Term Care Group, Philip Brautigam’s work became more elegant and corporate.

With much higher production standards and design commissions of complete sales systems, crafting high-impact graphics for the communication of abstract concepts become second nature to him.

When Larson went bankrupt, another leading long-term care insurance brokerage, American Independent Marketing tapped Philip’s skills to create many more successful insurance sales tools.

He worked with Transamerica and United of Omaha and the expert insurance wholesalers of AIM on multiple new products crafting sales user experiences for both producer acquisition plus all the powerful sales elements needed to make their sale to their customers.

DEEP VORTEX woodinville, mount vernon, everson wa june2005 ••• march2010

commercial print and web design for clients across the globe

While continuing the design remarkable long-term care insurance product sales tools with American Independent Marketing, Philip Brautigam began moving away from the urban sprawl that Seattle was becoming.

During this period he met and married Janice. In early 2008 they honeymooned in Egypt, taking an egyptologist’s immersive tour with Ruth Shilling. He made over 7500 HDR images of the ancient sites.

During this time, he worked with alternative currency pioneer, Francis Ayley to build websites, concepts, paper Life Dollars currency and sales tools for Fourth Corner Exchange.

At the end of this creative period, Philip & Janice felt the call within. They packed the house, the video/photography studio, and all the computer gear into a 20 foot shipping container and moved to Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i.

experience the day-by-day egyptologist honeymoon tour at
ONO PROMO kapaa kauai hi ( marketing design ) april2010 ••• february2017

balancing business excellence and inner processes on a tropical island

For the next seven years as Philip Brautigam established himself on this magical island, he split his time between transforming the marketing presentations of the many small businesses and transforming his own inner landscapes with devoted personal introspection and contemplation.

His work within, in the paradise crucible of momma Kaua‘i, now free from the challenging energies of the continent, allowed many buried subconscious tendencies to be brought up and examined or exhausted out of his fields.

He worked in men’s circle with ManKind Project Kaua‘i and discovered and cleared many assumptive cultural burdens and thick psychic armoring that he created to exist in a coarse world as an extremely sensitive introvert.

Philip continues to provide hosting and technical support to the website and email systems he designed for the brothers of ManKind Project Kaua‘i.

ONO PROMO kapaa kauai hi ( marketing design ) april2010 ••• february2017

improv comedy and marketing design on gilligan’s island

For a few years, Philip Brautigam was part of the InsPirates, an improv comedy troupe helmed by the multi-talented Thalyn Nikolau. The performance seasons delighted locals and visitors alike with many improvised scenes and games. Philip’s handle was “The Professor.”

His marketing design and media production helped grow many businesses both on-island and around the globe.

The irony was not lost on Philip as he crafted hundreds of inventive concepts on the very island that the Gilligan’s Island TV show shot their pilot episode.

ONO PROMO kapaa kauai hi ( photography ) april2010 ••• february2017

making photography and transformation happen

Philip Brautigam occasionally setup his photography studio for some of the many bright, creative and interesting characters that populate the beautiful Lemurian bump called Kaua‘i.

On an island full of magnificent misfits, he felt the scars from the energetic torture from the last 50 years, melt away.

BE SEEN MEDIA kilauea kauai hi ( google trusted ) february2017 ••• march2019

google trusted, google business view photographer

Google Business View offers retail businesses the opportunity to appear on the Google Maps Street View results for shoppers browsing an area.

Philip Brautigam became a Google Trusted photographer. However, the offer did not resonate with many of the rural shopkeepers that pepper the island.

BE SEEN MEDIA kilauea kauai hi ( architectural photography ) february2017 ••• march2019

the built beauty of the wonderful properties of hawaii

One of the ways that Philip Brautigam’s life-long love of architecture expresses itself is through meticulous high dynamic range architectural photography.

Many smart real estate professionals tapped his talent for their presentations of vacation rentals or sales of Kaua‘i’s of many amazing properties.

BE SEEN MEDIA kilauea kauai hi ( publishing ) february2017 ••• march2019

working with laura lentz on the literati launch

Philip Brautigam teamed up with writing teacher Laura Lentz to build a web magazine, web writing-school portal plus design and publish the 200 page STORYquest book.

He crafted all the branding, UX, illustrations e-commerce and web development for

RIVETING RUCKUS BE SEEN MEDIA duvall wa ( transcendental ideations ) april2019 ••• present

the time has come to step up our creative game with even higher concepts of art and connection

The call from within came clearly to Philip Brautigam and Janice to relocate back to the Seattle area. With this new metamorphosis came the inner imperative to bundle all the innovational and artistic wisdom distilled over the last 39 years into a single gesture of awareness.

With the gaping distance between the deadening thrum of the dying ordinarian over-culture and the deep super-salience of healthy creativity and innovation applied directly to the marketing and communication that will be the core-engine of the emergent, supportive culture resonating at a much higher frequency.

The ULTRADIGM show explores the concepts and thought technology needed to grow out of the obsolete limitations that you and your client’s current challenges are a direct result of.

You are invited to sign up to check out the first ULTRADIGM exploratory artcast as soon as it drops.

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