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Kaua‘i's North Shore

North Shore Kaua‘i

Love is the glue of paradox

The perfect circle of fractal form

As screaming catches my ego's eye

The pain is yours, but the screaming, mine

— Philip Brautigam


Online Media Product Development of:

Video/Print Education Programs

Conceptual Stock Footage

Divine Kauai High Vibrationals

Kauai Google Business View 360˚

Making Media that Matters

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BE SEEN MEDIA LLC is Philip Brautigam as producer/director
and Janice Nicholas as creative operations & casting.

With over 30 years experience in turning interesting conceptual ideas into exquisite media productions…

We make media magic that matters.

Online Learning Platforms

Engaging Video Products

Niche Audience Branding and Systems

Conceptual Stock Footage for Content Marketing

Strategic Social Communication Media

BE SEEN MEDIA LLC is not “for hire” except for Kaua‘i Google Business View commissions.

We conceptualize, design and produce online product media campaigns with powerful and compelling thought leaders that already have passionate audiences.

Publishing the Latest book by Laura Lentz!


BE SEEN MEDIA LLC is developing these important programs and products on multiple realms and spheres of influence.

Master Writer Teacher, Laura Lentz helms this dynamic school for creative book writers.

A syncreation of, this blog engages the students and followers of Laura Lentz, Master Writer Teacher. Co-op

The educational platform for the compelling educational content of Master Writer Teacher, Laura Lentz.

A portfolio and conceptual art sales platform for the multi-media artist Philip Brautigam. Featuring psychological and transformational stock footage works of art.

Divine Kauai

High vibrational orgone adornments from the magical Janice Nicholas.

Putting Kaua‘i businesses in the map, Google Maps Street View.