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we create content marketing media with conceptual originality

Be Seen Media LLC

Philip Brautigam — producer/director
contract creative

philip brautigam conscious content campaigns
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making super-salient media that matters


As the emotional growth journey and creative empathics merge to innovate understanding, skillsets and technology spiral up to serve the evolving yearning within the hearts of the resonant audience.

Always an innovater, with dues paid on the drafting table and in the darkroom, Philip Brautigam’s creativity has up-shifted the scope and quality each of his past clients’ growth dreams and visions.

Now, with almost four decades of marketing design deliverables, we are producing the RIVETING RUCKUS show to activate the conceptual originality needed to consistently design and produce delightful and engaging content.

The creative who explores and expands the originality edges within themselves, are the ones who reach into new levels of the ingenuity paradigms that upgrade entire universes.

The RIVETING RUCKUS webshow explores the practices and axioms of conscious originality to make your campaigns truly remarkable.

conceptual originality is an inside job

step into the transformational now

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BE SEEN MEDIA LLC is currently in development of our new show RIVETING RUCKUS — artcasts on making remarkable happen.

PHILIP BRAUTIGAM — producer/director

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LOCATION: Metro Seattle [Duvall WA]